Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i look up to find you laying there, eyes closed, heart open.
i stop to feel your pulse, through your chest,
easily distracted by the sound playing on repeat,
beating from the inside of the music box you've placed inside my heart.
all the gears are turning.
i can feel it with my fingers.
i close my eyes and i can feel you again.
on my lips.
i can feel you on my lips.
i close my eyes and the pain churning in my side,
slowly churns away, it dissipates.
it tosses and turns and it's gone before i can open my tiny fist.
they were red and painted with worry.
worry and stress, anxiety and panic.
and i let it get the best of me and now i can't sleep.
i can't breathe. so you repeated, "just breathe, for me."
"so breathe, for me."
and it seems all this time,
my eternal clock keeps ticking.
my eyes won't sleep,
but my heart keeps ticking and ticking and ticking.
a metronome, my cadence, you are my cadence.
with out you, i'd be motionless, heartless, so tiny, shaking and afraid.
but you are my cadence, you're every beat sunk in my heart.
you're the sound i tap my feet too,
the sound i play over and over again inside my head,
the rotation of the memories we've made,
the ones i keep tucked softly behind my eyes, just to get a feel.
to cop a feel of what it felt like.
i remember being there.
so clear like the waters of bimini, so light and so blue.
i open my eyes. and everything's okay again.
everything feels normal again,
everything feels okay again.

i'm ready to run as far away from this god forsaken town
as far as these tiny lungs can manage,
let's go as far as we can and just keep each other.
you're all i'll ever need.
you're all i need, and i need you, all of you, everyday.

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Claggie said...

I can't imagine reading this and not being in love. I would be devastated by how amazing your love is. I can basically feel what you feel through your words. It's that feeling I get after seeing my boyfriend after a long time with distance. This feeling never fades for good.