Wednesday, September 10, 2008


dear girl, today the sky was filled with jealousy. so you took out your paints and you covered it, black and white. you took all the colours and you pushed them aside, and you painted the sky dark, so the sun wouldn't wake you. you painted the clouds grey so when they rushed a crossed the sky, the shadows weren't too drastic to catch your attention, so when they scurried around the ground finding buildings to hide behind, and the people who were awake, they sat inside their tiny homes and followed them with their finger tips, tracing them on all the windows. and inside, unalarmed you slept so soft, so sound, like nothing else in the world mattered. you had the colours all tucked away under the bed you laid on, swimming in the sea, you made yourself. nothing could touch you. no one could hurt you. you laid under the sky you painted, with a smile stretched a crossed your face, you looked so peaceful. and still your tiny fist, your tiny little balls of anger, all the anger and all the hate consolidated and gathered tucked inside, behind all your fingers. so much pressure holding them clenched. they were painted on the outside, black with anger and on the inside white with worry lines. so you keep them closed, and you keep on sleeping and you know, everythings going to eventually be alright.

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